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Spacific Consultancy

BLP Partner

Consultancy business, working with Pacific (NZ), Maori & Pacific based businesses, as well as Consulting to New Zealand & Samoa government departments and agencies on Pacific business/ economic development policy and initiatives, as well as delivering Training & Education programs in Samoa. Spacific has also recently stepped into the Social Enterprise & Procurement space in NZ.


Advertising, marketing and e-commerce

Marketing Plans & Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategies & Advice
Crisis communications strategy, business interruptions and customer engagement

Market research and segmentation

Market & Industry Research
Advice on Target Market & Segmentation & relevant marketing activities

Strategic and business planning

Business contingency and business continuity planning
Strategic Business Planning - 1-10 year plans (depending on business size & industry)
Business Plans for Finance & Funding Applications


Afamasaga Jackie Curry

Director Approved advisor

Advertising, marketing and e-commerce, Market research and segmentation, Strategic and business planning

Locations serviced

New Zealand


Languages spoken


Samoan (Polynesian)

Contact details

Head office address

RM&J Building, Vaimea