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Dive Munda - COVID-19 Human Capital Consulting Services

BLP Partner

Offering VIRTUAL Human Capital Consulting Services to SME's
focusing on the tourism, hospitality and scuba dive sectors for South Pacific Nations. These services include a strong focus on providing assistance, business coaching and customized individual consulting solutions to employers, entrepreneurs and employees during the COVID-19 initial crisis, the recovery and beyond.


Strategy and business planning

Individual customized guidance for employers on business restructuring, strategic and business planning and development and optimization. COVID-19 specific, including health & wellness strategies.

Business continuity planning

Individual and customized consulting for employers, leaders and entrepreneurs on business continuity and risk management (COVID-19 focused), crisis leadership, change and transformation management.

Organisational management

Organisational analysis, structuring, design, planning and customized resource direction, including leadership development and alignment to organisational direction.

Recruitment and HR systems

Customized competency based HR solutions for businesses including coaching & mentoring. Career counselling, assessments, outplacement services (CV’s/Resume’s; job search, interview techniques).

Business coaching and training

Customized assessment of business coaching and training needs, developing and delivering those to enhance business and leadership skills in the workplace.


Belinda Botha

Operations Director Certified advisor

Recruitment and HR systems, Strategy and business planning, Organisational management, Business continuity planning, Business coaching and training

Locations serviced


Cook Islands


French Polynesia

Marshall Islands


New Caledonia

New Zealand



Papua New Guinea


Solomon Islands



Languages spoken


Tok Pisin

Contact details

Head office address

Lambeti Station, MUNDA
New Georgia, Western Province
Solomon Islands