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Spectrum Consultancy Services

BLP Partner

Spectrum Consultancy Services provides Accounting software (MYOB & others) , Software training , Bookkeeping , Tax services , Strategic & Business planning , information system , HR and organizational services in Papua New Guinea.
We are an approved MYOB silver partner as well.


Accounting and financial management

Bookkeeping , financial statements, Income tax & Payroll tax advisory , Financial planning & Budgets , Audit services through partner firm, Tax agent , MYOB & XERO software , and training.

Strategic and business planning

Business strategy , Company startup ,

Financing and loan facilitation

Loan applications , Cashflow forecast & Budgeting , Investment appraisal

Information technology systems

ICT Support , Network setup , Other ICT services , Hospitality industry software (Micros)

Advertising, marketing and e-commerce

Marketing strategy , Facebook page & ads, website

Export and market linkages

Foreign company setup advisory

Organisational management

Soft skills training , HR training , organizational restructure ,Policy and Procedures Manual , Team Building




Director Approved advisor

Accounting and financial management, Strategic and business planning, Financing and loan facilitation, Information technology systems, Advertising, marketing and e-commerce, Export and market linkages, Organisational management

Locations serviced

Papua New Guinea

Languages spoken


Tok Pisin

Contact details

Head office address

office 4 , Level 4 , ANG House (Town)
Port Moresby
Papua New Guinea